By Naomi Novik

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Every ten years, the Dragon comes into Nieska village and takes a girl. This year, he takes her and she learns that she is a witch. Together, they will have to fight the Wood, an evil entity.

The idea of this book is a good one. I really love what the author as done with the Wood. It is the vilain in the story and it gives our characters one hell of a run. I love the world she has created and I am sad that it is only a stand alone book. It could have easily been a duology.


One  thing in particular spoiled the book for me. It was Nieska, the main character. I have nothing against a clumsy personality, I find it hilarious. What I hated was the fact that she is a new witch and by some miracle  does everythibg right. She looks at a situation and without knowing why she does the right thing. That got on my nerve really fast since it’s like this almost the entire book. The Dragon is beside her,going crazy trying to find the right spell and without knowing why , she cast the right spell. I understand it’s probably her instinct or something like that but there’s a limit to what your instinct can do and relying on this for the whole book was a mistake in my opinion.

I would have love to see more of Nieska and the Dragon relationship. It is mention , there is some romance but it is all in passing and it was a bit of a disappointement. For me, it was a really funny relationship wich reminds me of Sid and Diego in ice age. The Dragon calling her names, her being a clumsy idiot but at the end of the day, those two are fond of each other. I would have love to see more.

Finally, I recommend this book as a teenage read. Yes, I know it is YA but I’m not sure if those, like me, who enjoys more mature reads will love this. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t amazing.


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