Le Monstre

* * * * *

This is a french book and a true story. I don’t read book in french normaly because I have trouble with some traduction that are…too french. This was written oh so beautifuly. The words flow like water on the pages. I read this in one day.

It is a hard story. Hard because like she says, it could be the story of your sistets, daughters, friends or even you.

The other hard thing was that…I didn’t understand. How could she let him do all this to her? How could she go back to him so many times? How could she, how could she!

Then I began to be angry at her because she had so many occasion to leave, to let him go but no. Like an addicted she came back and she had tried so hard. She knew it was wrong and it made me angry. Then, I realize he was her drug and she his.

I devour this book. It was a terrible and sweet book. Terrible, because of the subject and sweet because of all the things she , herself, realize about herself.

This is a terrible story of despair, pain, loneliness and courage. I hope you read it.


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