The shack

* * *

I read this without knowing what it was about. The first 70 pages blew my mind and then…religion appear. This story took a turn I did not see coming.

Something happens to Mack while he is on vacation with his three youngest children and three years later , he comes back to the shack and there he meets God.

At first, I wasn’t too thrilled. I don’t have good experiences with books that talks about religion. This one was a pleasant surprise. It does not preach, nor does it quotes the bible.

God is represented by three characters, one for each of his facets. It will be disturbing for some, since one is a black woman, the other a chinese woman and the last a kind of arab man. I didn’t care about that, I found it great that he wasn’t represented as a white dude but as a whole.

Basically, most of the book is about how Mack’s faith has change since the incident and they are there to show him that, it is the human race that is to blame and not them. They help him see more clearly and past his pain.They help him change the way he thinks.

It was a good book. If you are a deep believer this will shook you. Otherwise, it will be an enjoyable read!


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