The wonder

By Emma Donoghue


I received this as a Christmas gift and I had read so many bad review about it that I was sure I would hate it. Of course, I ended up really loving it.

Lib is a nurse who is asked in a small  Irish village to keep watch over a girl who claims not to have eaten in four months. Of course, Lib is sure this is a hoax and she arrives suspicious and snobbish (in my humble opinion). She has been asked to care for the girl but when she becomes attached to her, she isn’t sure this is a hoax anymore.

I loved this idea. It was a really intriguing read and despite people saying it was blend,slow and lack a real intrigue, I found myself engrossed in it. I read this in a day. Yes, it is a slow book, there is no action whatsoever so clearly if you are looking for the hero who saves everyone, you will be disappointed. If you think this is anything like the author’s other book, Room, (which I ADORE) you will be greatly displease.

What I love about this book was the air of mystery surrounding the cabin  where the little girl lives with her parents and a cousin. Everything that Lib thinks,every suspicion or doubt that she has, I had them. Just like her, a thousand scenarios took root in my mind and I even thought that well…maybe it was real. What if the claim was true? What if the girl was saying the truth?

Then, the last fifty pages happened. The pace suddenly pick up and I was so engrossed in it I ignored everyone in the room. I had a lump in my throat when I realised what was happening and couldn’t believe the cruelty of people.

Beware, because if you have faith in God and his scripture, this book puts the believer in a bad light. It represents the dark side of people who believe everything the bible say and how far they will go to prove that it is saying the truth. It also shows how people can become blinded by what is in front of them,because they want to believe.

This is a sad book. Emma Donoghue, for me, made another amazing book. I gave it four stars because I didn’t like Lib at first and the mother.THE MOTHER.


I won’t say anything more about her. Nope. She made me violent.


I really recommend this book and I can’t wait for another good plot from the author! After two good books, the third one will determine if she is becoming a favorite author of mine!




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