The Gardener


by S.A Bodeen


Mason is angry at his mother when he founds out his father is out there. He goes to her work and while he waits, plays a videotape where his father is reading a children tale. There are four other people with him, they are not moving, not talking they are barely there. They have brain damage. After the his father utter the first sentence, one of them wakes up. Things are weird after that.

S.A Bodeen writes really original plot lines. He will never write amazing book, his writhing style goes to fast to the point and he does not linger. I’m not sure it will ever go higher than a  3.5 stars but the ideas this author have are superb so far and this is why I will keep on reading him.

In this book, unfortunately, we encountered the cliché of the guy falling in love with the perfect girl because she is beauty incarnated…but the thing is that she is comatose when he meets her. I could see the plot coming way before I was done reading half the book, but the characters were endearing.

This is another thing I like about the author’s book. The main characters are often flawed. In this one, Mason has half his face torn off by a dog. Half of his face is one big scar. Does he weep? No. Does he hide and is ashamed? No. He uses it to his advantage, since his torn face scares people. I like that, the fact that despite his flaw, the guy moves on and makes it one of his strongest attribute.I can’t say I hated any characters in this book, although the motivation of some where ominous.

S.A Bodeen books lack depth, it is true but I found them really enjoyable. I will read his next book for sure but I will not the run to the nearest library near home to buy it.


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