The purchase

By Linda Spalding   This story is about a family. They leave their hometown because their father married a methodist in 1799 and they were shunned.They decide to go to Virginia, land of slaves. I like this book. It is easy to read and I cared about the fate of the slaves. I did not... Continue Reading →


By Naomi Novik Every ten years, the Dragon comes into Nieska village and takes a girl. This year, he takes her and she learns that she is a witch. Together, they will have to fight the Wood, an evil entity. The idea of this book is a good one. I really love what the author... Continue Reading →

Between shades of gray

By Ruta Sepetys No, this is not part of the fifty shades trilogy! This is actually a good book and there is no sex. Lina can't believe what is happening. The Soviet threw her out of her home with her mother and brother and she doesn't know where is her father. They ended up being... Continue Reading →

His bloody project

This is the story of Roddy, a seventeen years old Scottish crofter . It is the retelling of his trial, of the murders he did and his side of the story. It was an interesting read, although some parts were a lot better than  others. Sometimes, it was boring and I almost put it down... Continue Reading →

Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen This is the tenth volume in the Mercy Thompson series( courtesy of Chloé!). I love Patricia Briggs books and how she writes. I love her characters, the primary ones just like the secondary ones, I love the world she has created and I love this book. In this volume, Mercy gets abducted by... Continue Reading →

June Wrap-Up

Soooo.... this month was a bit crazy for me. I've started a new job in Montréal, which means I commute about three hours a day... Luckily, this is about to end, as I've just found the perfect little apartment for me! I'll be at work in less than 30 minutes now, so that's something to... Continue Reading →

My June 2017 Wrap-up!

So June is already finish and it is now time for my first wrap-up ever!! I've read 10 books this month and I am quite proud! I haven't made a review for everything I have read but feel free to ask or to simply look on my goodreads channel! A house without window by Nadia... Continue Reading →

When Breath Becomes Air

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ First, let's say you'll need some kleenex before this book's ending... I found it absolutely heartbreaking. Paul Kalanithi was a neurosurgeon and a neuroscientist who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer before he even completed his residency. All his professional dreams were redefined by this brutal diagnostic. I loved how he divided his... Continue Reading →

The Gunslinger

  The gunslinger; Dark tower volume 1 by Stephen King I rent this book at my local library and there were some amazing arts! The picture up there is just one of many, how pretty it is!!!! This read was strange. The reader follow the Gunslinger who is chasing the Dark man across the desert... Continue Reading →

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